We are currently seeking submissions for the movie, Biomass. This is a creature based horror film about a research facility that suffers the containment breach of an experimental new life form.

These positions are PAID roles starting at $100/day under the SAG Ultra Low Budget Agreement. Non-SAG members can apply. Craft service and meals will be provided. Shooting is set to occur in Late January and early February.

Please send headshot and resume submissions in PDF, DOC, or JPEG formats to: Submissions will be notified of their specified audition time and date.

We are currently seeking the following roles:

25+, Male. Bookish type with a PHD in Computer Science.

35+ Latino, male. Muscular, intimidating, but with a gregarious personality.

Mrs. Graffe:
35+ highly educated business woman. Striking, yet cold and aloof.

News Boss:
Male, 40+. Highly stressed network news producer.

News Camera Girl:
Twenties, recent college grad. Intern.

Coma Guy:
Tall and thin middle aged man. Looking for someone with unique/angular features.

Director/Producer: Anthony Riazzi
Genre: Horror/Sci-Fi
Production Co.: Biomass Movie LLC

Please forward any inquiries to